Cold Fusion Weapon Pack

Tau Cannon
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Cold Fusion Weapon Pack

This is a weapon pack came from the Cold Fusion website which I think was part of Planet Half-Life. It was a great website where you could download different weapon and player models. What ever happened to it, I do not know, but I sure do miss it.

Cold Fusion, Planet Half-lIfe

I have not been able to find these weapon models anywhere which I find odd as pretty much everyone I knew used them back in 2000/2001. unfortunately I do not have the full pack as I somehow managed to lose them over years, so this pack is missing the snarks, the crowbar and the satchels, which I don't think is too bad considering the length of time I have held onto them. The sprites are all there, however the sounds are missing for the weapons mentioned above as well.

If anyone has the missing models please can you send them to me, If I remember correctly there is actually a Player model that matches the hands for these weapons.

Half-Life Cold Fusion 9mmAR

Half-Life Cold Fusion 9mm Handgun

Half-Life Cold Fusion 357

Half-Life Cold Fusion Crossbow

Half-Life Cold Fusion Egon 1

Half-Life Cold Fusion Egon 2

Half-Life Cold Fusion Hand Grenade

Half-Life Cold Fusion Hornet Gun / Bee's

Half-Life Cold Fusion RPG

Half-Life Cold Fusion Shotgun

Half-Life Cold Fusion Trip mine