Lifted directly out of Half-Life by my old friend [DRS]Hullu. This map is chaos and quite a difficult one too.

Player Name – Metamod

metamod player name

Shows name of targeted player. In teamplay shows text with different color for enemies and teammates. Customable placement, colors and text formats. Supports HLDM, OpFor, TFC, CS 1.5, DMC, DOD. I have also included the source of this plugin.

Bunny Jump – Metamod

Bunny Hopping / Bunny Jump

The infamous Bunny hopping plugin for Half-Life / Opposing Force / TFC / CS 1.6 created by Hullu. This is no longer available on the official Metamod website as it links to Hullu’s webpage which is no longer active. Just to be clear, this plugin does not automatically allow you to bunny hop, you must […]